Tim and Jeremy are both waiters at a restaurant in downtown New York City. During slow times at work, to stave off boredom when it is slow, the two young men draw pictures. These pictures are made using ink and what is called the "Triple Dupe Pad," a book of paper used to place orders in the kitchen. The drawings usually take about a week to make, all the while also being used by fellow employees to take orders; this sometimes leads to other collaborators or in a couple cases, to the loss of the work. The drawings are then scanned and colored in Photoshop where they come to life in stunning technicolor! The subject matter varies from piece to piece, as they are made over a long course of time and under various moods and states of mind. They all retain a playfulness that serves as a coping mechanism after spending a night catering to the endless needs of hungry patrons.

Monday, September 20, 2010

#6 "Save For Ociel's Seaweed" January 18, 2010

This is the only one we did in pencil. There are usually a lot of pencils around since Lloyd likes to do the crossword puzzle with them. In fact, he usually yells at me when he sees me doing the puzzle in pen. We have plenty of white out, so what's the big deal?  Anyway, I don't know how this one got started but it looks like we're at the Loup bar again with some of our more bizarre customers. The title for this one doesn't really make sense until you see the full color version, but the story goes something like this: Ociel is the nickname for a guy we work with. He is very small and very unusual. He hasn't mastered the english language yet, and so he has some interesting names for things and a unique way of speaking. After work he likes to drink Seabreezes like a lot of the employees at the Loup. The reason is the fresh squeezed grapefruits we use to make the drink with; they make it so delicious! Ociel to this day cannot pronounce the word "breeze" so he has turned it into "weed" so the seabreeze is now know as the Seaweed at 105 W. 13th St. On this occasion, Ociel had picked out the perfect grapefruit to use in his Seaweed and gave it to Tim, who put a sticker on it asking me to save it specifically for Ociel. The sticker found it's way onto the back of the picture above, and I integrated it into the color version. Hence the name.

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