Tim and Jeremy are both waiters at a restaurant in downtown New York City. During slow times at work, to stave off boredom when it is slow, the two young men draw pictures. These pictures are made using ink and what is called the "Triple Dupe Pad," a book of paper used to place orders in the kitchen. The drawings usually take about a week to make, all the while also being used by fellow employees to take orders; this sometimes leads to other collaborators or in a couple cases, to the loss of the work. The drawings are then scanned and colored in Photoshop where they come to life in stunning technicolor! The subject matter varies from piece to piece, as they are made over a long course of time and under various moods and states of mind. They all retain a playfulness that serves as a coping mechanism after spending a night catering to the endless needs of hungry patrons.

Monday, January 16, 2012

#33 "Post Game Urinalysis" April 12, 2011

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This one was done way before April 12, but it took me that long to get it colored and posted on Bookface. You see, the main theme of this one was the AFC playoff picture of the 2010-2011 season. However, it started that way quite serendipitously. You see, I merely traced the outline of one of the stains on the dupe pad. However, I had the Patriots on my mind that night and so it turned into a Patriot. Now, that evening, they lost to the Jets in the Playoffs and so there obviously had to be a Jet flying in this poor Patriots butt. The Jets would eventually lose to the Steelers, which is why there is a Steeler there. He should be doing something horrible to the Jet instead of peering into the crying eye of the Patriot, but hey, there was no room for that! I was behind the bar the night that the Jets beat the Patriots and it was so frustrating. Being a Patriots fan in New York is sometimes difficult; that night was torture. I had a bunch of regulars watching with me, who were all Jets fans. They were all joyous at the victory, and at my chagrin of the entire situation. Then, on top of that, I had this prick guy and his horrible girlfriend/wife/monster woman with him. He asked me to turn the game off first thing after he sat down! The Cafe Loup has a TV, but it is rarely turned on; usually only for The World Series, The Super Bowl, The Oscars, and when Lloyd watches The View. During football season, I always have the games on because I want to watch them. Sometimes people complain, but for the most part, people like that it is on; they ask for scores, sit down at that end of the bar and watch, or simply ignore it. There's no sound or anything, so it's not really that intrusive. So anyway, this guy wants me to turn the game off! Yeah Right! Then after I tell him as much, he just goes on the berate the game of football and my Patriots for the rest of the game. He just couldn't stand that there were people at the bar who actually cared about the game. I even offered for him to go to the other side of the bar so he wouldn't have to see the TV. But he said no, he would rather sit there and talk shit for the entirety of that terrible game. He still comes in sometimes and do you think I forgot about that? No way! I hold a grudge. I sometimes hold grudges against some customers for so long that I forget the original reason that I hate them. Remember that when you go out to dinner at the same place a lot of the time. Waiters are sensitive about some things like bad tips, rude people, and unreasonable requests. On top of that, a lot of us have very long memories and will remember your face if you treat us badly. I am usually respectful to all of my customers, even the ones that I hate; you can't always get all your favorite regulars, you have to deal with the clowns every once and a while. However, there are some vindictive waiters out there and they will fuck with your food, drink, or anything and you will have no idea until you are up at 3 am driving the porcelain bus. So, be nice, and don't forget to tip at least 20%. Go Patriots!

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