Tim and Jeremy are both waiters at a restaurant in downtown New York City. During slow times at work, to stave off boredom when it is slow, the two young men draw pictures. These pictures are made using ink and what is called the "Triple Dupe Pad," a book of paper used to place orders in the kitchen. The drawings usually take about a week to make, all the while also being used by fellow employees to take orders; this sometimes leads to other collaborators or in a couple cases, to the loss of the work. The drawings are then scanned and colored in Photoshop where they come to life in stunning technicolor! The subject matter varies from piece to piece, as they are made over a long course of time and under various moods and states of mind. They all retain a playfulness that serves as a coping mechanism after spending a night catering to the endless needs of hungry patrons.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

#7 "Ooh, I Just Made a Touchdown!" In Color!

I really enjoyed coloring this one. The images are so bold and simple. The hardest part was choosing the colors for the football player. I wanted to make it bold, as most uniforms are, but also generic, so that there would be no team affiliation. I tried a couple different colors out and finally came up with this combination 
of mauve and gray. The number 82 has been my favorite number to draw for football players for a while. My brother, Tyler played for one year at Syracuse University and wore the number 82. Growing up in Syracuse, it was always so fun to go to the Dome and root on the Orange(men). So when he was playing for them, it was like a dream come true, even if I was living vicariously through him. Also, physically drawing the number 82 is also fun to do, and in my opinion, it looks great! I also tried a bunch of different logos for the helmet and none of them seemed to fit until I put in the Ol' Dirty Bastard from his first album, "Return to the 36 Chambers." So, the team that this fellow is playing for is obviously the Brooklyn Ol' Dirty Bastards, coming soon to the AFC East.

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